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Come As You Are!!

We do not care what you wear, we care about where you are in your walk-in Christ. Do not feel that you have to wear your Sunday best to be in our building. The church is about the congregation getting together to worship not about who is wearing what.

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What to Expect

Upon entering the building, you can expect to be greeted with a Church bulletin. As you are directed into the sanctuary you will be greeted by the ushers.  

Service will begin at 10:45 am with an explanation of the format of the bulletin. Announcements will be read and sometimes expounded upon. Bishop Nichols or Pastor of the Day will read a Psalm or scripture as a call to worship.

Pastor Deadra Moody or worship Leader of the day will start with Contemporary Worship. Usually, we will sing four songs (subject to change by the Holy Spirit).

We will pause for a meet and greet. At this time you can drop off your little ones in their classrooms. Someone may give a brief testimony at this time.

If there are no testimonies, we will pray the Family of the week, the ministry of the week, the church of the week.

Worship or special music will resume. The offering is taken during the worship song.

Bishop will ask the congregation to stand for the reading of the Word of God for the day. The congregation will be seated for the sermon.

A closing prayer will be offered. Church will be dismissed. 

Please note that people are free to come to the altar for prayer during the worship portions of the service or at any other time the officiant directs.