Worship without change is not worship at all. The purpose of our worship is to bring ourselves into His presence. When we are in His presence, He will change our hearts giving strength to our spirits, comfort to our souls, and healing to our bodies. Worship is more than the music. We worship in song, we worship in prayer, we worship in receiving His Word, and we worship in giving and service. The music is mostly contemporary, soft rock with an occasional hymn to honor those who carried the faith before us. We also worship in victory celebrations. We honor our Lord by giving victory freedom crosses to those who have kept free from addiction for another year. We do this to bring Glory to our Lord for transforming our lives by the power and love of the Holy Spirit and to allow a delivered saint an opportunity to give testimony to encourage others still in the tribulation of addiction.

Currently we have the following areas of outreach and ministry


Worship Team

Church on the Rock Choir

Media Team

Saturday worship teaching sessions.

• Open to anyone who wants to learn



Elementary Youth

• Children’s Church

• Wednesday Night Gathering (Kingdom Kids)

Pre-teen Cross-trainers

• Wednesday Night Training and Fellowship

• Cross-trainers Summer Camp

High School

• Wednesday Night Gathering

Meal Ministry (The King’s Table)

• Wednesday Night Meal.

Open Fellowship Meal to anyone who wants to – eat no strings attached.

Church on the Rock-Abilene is listed on the 211-Texas network as a hot meal provider.

Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving Day.

• Open to anyone who wants to eat – no strings attached

Christmas meal on Christmas Day.

• Open to anyone who wants to eat – no strings attached

Food Baskets

• Several days’ worth of food to those in immediate need

Christmas and Thanksgiving Meal Baskets

• For those who would not otherwise be able to provide a holiday meal for their family

Neighborhood Park Outreach

• Grilled meat and sides on Summer Sunday Afternoons for anyone in neighborhood who wants a meal in the park and who wants to meet some great people

Harvest Festival Outreach

• Food, games, and fellowship for anyone in the neighborhood who wants a safe place to bring the family during Halloween

Easter Egg Hunt

• Hot dog meal and two egg hunts open to the neighborhood.

• Younger children have a separate hunt so that they won’t have to compete with the older children

Holy Convocation

• A week-long revival in October celebrating the church’s anniversary. Services every night with worship and speakers from all over the country

Jail Ministry

• Church on the Rock provides a chaplain and two assistant chaplains to the Taylor County Jail to visit inmates one-on-one and to do baptisms.

• We also provide two men’s teams and two women’s teams to lead worship services throughout the year in the jail.

• Occasionally, the church provides revival services for surrounding state jails.

• Church on the Rock provides a volunteer chaplain to the TDCJ John Middleton unit and also provides an assistant chaplain to lead A. A. meetings in the county jail.

• The church as a whole participates in the Angel Tree program for children of incarcerated parents

Transportation Ministry

• This ministry provide transportation to church from the half-way houses and for those who do not have transportation

Celebrate Recovery

• A Christian-based 12 step recovery fellowship that meets every week

Pater Theological Seminary

• A low cost Christian Accredited Bible School for those pursuing formal ministry training and ministry degrees

Antioch Community of Charismatic Churches (ACCC)

• Bishop Nichols provides spiritual mentoring for this group of Pastors and Ordained Ministers.

• This group also nominates and prepares candidates for Licensing and Ordination so that men and women can find support, guidance, and correction to improve the ministries God has anointed them to accomplish.

• In other words, Bishop is Spiritual Dad to a lot of people

Pastoral Pre-Marital Counseling

• Bishop Nichols loves to provide spiritual counseling to those considering marriage.

• Church on the Rock-Abilene is associated with the Twogether in Texas program and receives referrals for premarital counseling from that group

Transitional Counseling

• Bishop Nichols and Associate Pastor Deadra Moody counsels those in transition and also their families to help them resolve spiritual conflicts and life issues


• The cleaning ministry allows for those in need of fulfilling community service an opportunity to work in a spiritual environment and to give opportunity for those who have the gift of Helps to contribute to their church family

Hospitality/Greeters/Ushers Ministry

• These three groups are on the front lines greeting newcomers, answering questions about the church, letting people know they are welcome, and helping the Pastor with the needs and flow of the church worship and preaching time

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Women’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry

Sunday Morning Bible Class

NAMI – National Association of Mental Illness

*Lead by Preacher Byl Boyd

• Church on the Rock supports this ministry by providing them a meeting place, administrative aid along with spiritual support for their ministry.

• NAMI is a grass roots advocacy group for those coping with mental health issues and the families who are affected.