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What does Pater Mean? 
Pronounced Puh-tair, it is derived from Latin and means “Father”.
What is Pater Theological Seminary?
Pater is a Theological Seminary Program meant to provide training to church leadership and/or future church leaders.  This training will provide the necessary tools and foundation to be able to serve in any capacity such as Senior Pastor, Children’s Church Leader, Sunday School, elders and everything in between.  Pater allows you to learn and study mostly on your terms, with class time being limited to one night per week.  You will learn everything from Foundation of Ministry to writing to Church Administration.
When does the next semester start and what is the course of study?

Our next semester will start on September 10, 2018.  Classes are held on Monday evenings from 6 to 9 PM (there are some weeks classes are not held for various reasons, i.e. holidays etc).  Classes will be held in Abilene at Church On The Rock.  This course will run for two semesters and will end in May 2019, due to the amount of material to be covered.   Most semesters are about 13 to 16 weeks long.

This course will be on New Testament Survey.  It is a two semester course covering all the books of the New Testament.  It will include both lectures and class discussion of reading material.   While it runs for two semesters, it is only being billed as a single semester.

The textbook we are using for this course is by highly respected authors D.A. Carson and Douglas J. Moo.  The book is published by Zondervan, who describes it as follows:  By focusing on essential questions, an Introduction to the New Testament ensures that the New Testament books will be accurately understood within historical settings.  For each New Testament document, the authors also provide a substantial summary of that book’s content, discuss the book’s theological contribution to the overall canon, and give an account of current studies on that book, including recent literary and social-science approaches to interpretation.  This second edition reflects significant revision and expansion from the original, making this highly acclaimed text even more valuable.

What does the Pater Theological Seminary cost?
Total cost for this course will be approximately $430.00, which includes materials, administration fee, and application fee.  This can be paid out in $25.00 per week payments.  Other arrangements can be made as well.  Our goal is to make this course affordable and accessible to individuals who need the training, but don’t have the time and/or don’t want to spend the amount of money required to go through a regular college program.
Why Pater?
Other than saving money and having more control of your time, one very distinct reason for choosing Pater Seminary is the fact that the course is taught by a pastor with over 18 years experience in Church ministry, including holding a senior pastor ship position, experience with church administration, and all the things required in between.  This experience affords the students with a unique experience in learning from someone who has actually been there, in the trenches, and can relate some of the pitfalls, surprises, and real world expectations vs outcomes that many professors, without that experience, can’t provide.
What’s next?
If you would like to receive more information, including a course syllabus and application, please fill out the contact information below and someone will be in touch with you shortly.  We look forward to hearing from you.

This course is ideal for you,

if you have a passion

to do something for God,

but are lacking

the equipping to do it.

Contact Us: Church On The Rock 325-672-5446

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What Makes Pater Distinctive From Other Places?

1. A distinct commitment to the personal devotional life of each believer.

2. A commitment to real faith-based education.

3. Commitment to the authority of scripture.

4. Commitment to the local church body.

5. A kingdom mindset for the non-five fold ministry member of the body of Christ.

6. A commitment to building five fold ministry teams for function in the Body.

7. A commitment to real life solutions to the problems that face churches of all sizes.

Bishop Rob Nichols is the

Senior Pastor at Church on The Rock

(The Rock), in Abilene.

He is also the President and Instructor

of Pater Theological Seminary, and his

passion is to be a father in the faith,

raising up and equipping spiritual leaders.