Welcome, and Thank You for your interest in this Spiritual Leadership course!

Call the Course Instructor, Dr. Rob Nichols today for more information: (325) 672-5446

This course is ideal for you,

if you have a passion

to do something for God,

but are lacking

the equipping to do it.

What is Pater Theological Seminary?

Pronounced Puh-tair, Pater is derived from Latin and means “Father”.

Pater Theological Seminary provides training to church leadership and/or future church leaders.

  • Get the necessary tools and foundation to be able to serve in any capacity such as Senior Pastor, Children’s Church Leader, Sunday School, Elders and everything in between.
  • Learn and study mostly on your terms, with class time being limited to one night per week.
  • Learn everything from Foundation of Ministry to Church Administration and even writing.

What is the course of study and when does the next semester start?

  • This course will be on New Testament Survey.  It is a two semester course covering all the books of the New Testament.
  • Beginning September 10, 2018, this course will run for two semesters and will end in May 2019.
  • Classes are Monday evenings from 6 to 9 PM, at Church On The Rock.

What is the cost of this course?

  • The cost for this course is only $430.00, including materials, administration fee, and application fee. (Two Semesters for the price of one.)
  • Payment arrangements are available, including $25.00 per week payments.

Would you like to know more about this course?

Call Dr. Rob Nichols at (325) 672-5446 for more information, a course syllabus, and an application.

Dr. Rob Nichols

is the Senior Pastor at

Church on The Rock

(The Rock), in Abilene.

He is also the

President and Instructor of

Pater Theological Seminary,

and his passion is to be

a father in the faith,

raising up and equipping

spiritual leaders.

Why Pater?

  • Save money and have more control of your time!
  • Pater Seminary is taught by Pastor Bishop Rob Nichols, who has over 18 years of experience in Church ministry, including holding a senior pastorship position, experience with church administration, and all the things required in between.
  • Learn from someone who has been there, in the trenches, and can relate with some of the pitfalls, surprises, and real world expectations!

What Makes Pater Distinctive From Other Places?

1. A distinct commitment to the personal devotional life of each believer.

2. A commitment to real faith-based education.

3. Commitment to the authority of scripture.

4. Commitment to the local church body.

5. A kingdom mindset for the non-five fold ministry member of the body of Christ.

6. A commitment to building five fold ministry teams for function in the Body.

7. A commitment to real life solutions to the problems that face churches of all sizes.

Would you like to know more?

For more information, a course syllabus, and an application,

Call Course Instructor

Dr. Rob Nichols at (325) 672-5446