Worship without change is not worship at all. The purpose of our worship is to bring ourselves into His presence. When we are in His presence, He will change our hearts giving strength to our spirits, comfort to our souls, and healing to our bodies. Worship is more than the music. We worship in song, we worship in prayer, we worship in receiving His Word, and we worship in giving and service. The music is mostly contemporary, soft rock with an occasional hymn to honor those who carried the faith before us. We also worship in victory celebrations. We honor our Lord by giving victory freedom crosses to those who have kept free from addiction for another year. We do this to bring Glory to our Lord for transforming our lives by the power and love of the Holy Spirit and to allow a delivered saint an opportunity to give testimony to encourage others still in the tribulation of addiction.

Outreach and Ministries

Our primary outreach is to those in transition from incarceration or the streets, and transition from addictions to include ministering to the families involved.