We know there are many great churches in Abilene, TX and we would be honored for you to be our guest at The Rock Abilene this Sunday at 10:45am

Our Services

Who We Are

The Rock, Abilene is a Grace based and a Relational Church.

We are Grace based in the sense that we accept people where they are in their spiritual journey without condemnation and preconditions.

We present Jesus in Worship, Word, and Love and allow the Holy Spirit do the rest. The Holy Spirit is perfectly capable of transforming lives. There is no one beyond the redemption and saving Grace of our Lord Jesus.

We are relational in the sense that we are more interested in knowing you as a person and growing you as a follower of Jesus to do what He has called you to do in His Kingdom rather than filling a position in ours.

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Meet our Pastor

Our Pastor, Bishop Rob Nichols lives in Abilene, TX  with his wife, D’Linn. They are parents to two grown adults who have both flown the nest.He has been in ministry over 20 years, starting as a teenage preacher.Rob did his undergraduate work at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.  He served the church for a few years then did his postgraduate work at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Vision Christian Seminary.His passion is to help the body of Christ wake up and become the people that God has called them to be – completely. His ministry focuses on Church Government, personal vision, spiritual order and restoration.Bishop Rob has been the Senior Pastor of Church on the Rock-Abilene (C.O.T.R.A.) since September 17, 2000. The Church has grown from 15 to over 100 in its ministry scope. C.O.T.R.A. is made up primarily of people who are recovering from lifelong addictions as well as people who have been incarcerated for their life of sin. In the past eight years we have seen many go from lifelong criminals to taxpaying business owners, as well as all around productive believers in Jesus Christ to the Glory of God.